Believers of the Source

The Believers of the Source

All life springs from the same divine source, ascending and descending in form as the cosmos tests it.

The Believers in the Source believe that all beings are being tested, ascending or descending in an eternal cycle of reincarnation, until they become like the gods, or surpass them. They include mystics, hardened adventurers, those who’ve overcome great tragedy, and beings of every race imaginable. Some Godsmen seek out the greatest challenges they can to test themselves, while others prefer to shepherd others thru the tests that life invariably throws. In Sigil they are based in the Great Foundry, while on the planes they are welcomed in many villages and call the Fading Palace in the Ethereal Plane their headquarters.

Nicknames: Godsmen
Factol: Ambar Vergrove
Sigil HQ: the Great Foundry
Home Field: the Ethereal
Allies: Athar
Enemies: Bleak Cabal, Dustmen
Eligibility: No restrictions.

Believers of the Source

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