The Athar

The gods are frauds! The unknowable truth lies beyond the veil!

The Athar believe that the gods of the known multiverse are just really powerful beings, but not actual gods worthy of worship. Possessing great might alone does not make any being worthy of worship. They include disgruntled ex-priests, victims of divine curses, saboteurs working against the temples of evil gods, atheist propaganda artists, and cult-breakers. For some Athar, tearing down the temples of these false gods in enough, while others search for what is truly sacred.

Nicknames: Defiers, the Lost, the Deniers
Factol: Terrance
Sigil HQ: The Shattered Temple
Home Field: Astral
Allies: Believers of the Source
Enemies: -
Eligibility: The Athar are one of the few factions with class restrictions. Priests of specific deities are never members of this faction, since it’s impossible to maintain faith in a “charlatan” deity. General clerics (believers in the greater power) can be members, though. Members can be of any race or alignment.


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