Sign of One

The Sign of One

The multiverse exists because the mind imagines it. We create our own realities.

The Sign of One believes that the material world is an illusion, and that what we consider reality is actually constructed by the mind. We use many names to describe one truth, reflecting our own biases, but the truth is One. They include truth seekers, travelers discovering new cultures, empaths, solipsists, and rhetoricians. In Sigil they are based in the Hall of Speakers, while on the planes their headquarters are in the Beastlands in a keep called the Dreamhearth.

Nicknames: Signers
Factol: Darius
Sigil HQ: Hall of Speakers
Home Field: Beastlands
Allies: Sensates
Enemies: Harmonium, Bleakers
Eligibility: No restrictions.

Sign of One

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