New Feats

Divine Agent
If you have the Channel Divinity class feature from more than one class and your total levels in these classes is 6 or higher, you may use this feature twice per rest. If your total levels are 18th level or higher, you may use this feature three times per rest. Saving Throw DCs still use the relevant DC (Wisdom for Cleric effects and Charisma for Paladin effects).

Personal Fighting Style
You have developed your own unique fighting style which can be difficult to counter. If more than one class/ability gives you the Extra Attack class feature, you may double your weapon dice on the first attack you make on your turn.

Servant of the Fallen
You worship a dead, missing, or forgotten deity, but somehow you can cast spells and channel divine energy normally. You also gain proficiency in the History and Religion skills.

Yuan-ti Fighting Style
You can only take this with the Planar version of Yuan-Ti. Prime Yuan-Ti do not have this ability.
- Your bite attack gains the Finesse property.
- Your bite attack deals 1d6 damage instead of 1d4. If you are a monk, your bite attack can be treated as a monk weapon or as an unarmed attack.
- You can spit your venom. As a bonus action, make a proficient Dexterity attack against a target. On a hit, the target gains the Poisoned condition for 1 round and rolls a save as normal. You can use either this ability or the venom from the bite but not both. This usage does not benefit from the Finesse property on your bite.

New Feats

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