Character Creation

Source Material

Players have access to the following sources for PCs:

  1. PHB
  2. Player’s Companion (from Elemental Evil which can be downloaded here)
  3. Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide (abbreviated as SCAG)
  4. Volo’s Guide to Monsters (abbreviated as VGM), as detailed and limited below
  5. Xanathar’s Guide to Everything (abbreviated as XGE), as detailed and limited below
  6. Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes (abbreviated as ToF), as detailed and limited below
  7. Unearthed Arcana playtest material (with prior approval. Most of this can be found here. I cannot promise that the list will always be complete.) Please note: Action points will NOT be used. Additional Note: UA material updated in subsequent books will not be available to use for play as the material in the book will take precedence.
  8. Some options below reference the DMG. The DMG may only be used for these options.
  9. New Feats allowed for this campaign may be found here.


  1. PCs will be created using the point buy system on page 13. Ability scores will not be rolled. PCs have 28 points instead of the usual 27.
  2. No PC may start with a modified score higher than 17.
  3. Your PC will be 1st level with 0 XP.
  4. You begin with maximum HP for your class. When you gain a level, you gain HP equal to half the hit die +1 (d6=4, d8=5, etc.)

Races & Subraces

The following races/subraces are allowed:

As the ability to fly at low level is extremely powerful, Aarakocra have the following adjustments:

  • At 1st level, they do NOT have +2 Dex and +1 Wis, nor have their Talons fully come in. Instead, Aarakocra have +1 Dex.
  • At 3rd level, Aarakocra receive +1 Wis.
  • At 5th level, Aarakocra can use their Talons
  • At 8th level, Aarakocra receive +1 Dex.

Aasimar are a planar race. You can choose either the DMG version or any of the VGM subraces.

There are two variants for this race, both of which can be found here. Bariaur are a planar race.

This race is mostly a prime race; if you choose to be planar, you must be from Acheron.

Dragonborn are a prime race from the Forgotten Realms or Eberron.

All subraces allowed, including Duergar.

Please note that I am not using the cosmology on Elves from ToF. You may read the novel Evermeet: Island of Elves if you are curious as to my views on Elven history.

All PHB subraces are allowed as well as the following two options:

  • “Moon Elf” (a.k.a. Silver elf, Gray elf) is an alternate version of high elf. Moon Elves gain +1 Charisma instead of +1 Intelligence. Moon elves are a prime race.
  • The Star Elf is an even rarer variant of the High Elf. See the Eladrin entry in ToF.
  • Sea Elf (ToF) is allowed.
  • The Shadar-Kai from ToF is NOT allowed.

This race is allowed. Firbolg must be from either the prime plane, the Feywild demiplane, or Elysium. Firbolg are restricted to the following classes: clerics, druids, rangers, and fighters. They can also be Oath of the Ancients paladins or Fey pact Warlocks.

All variants of this race from the Player’s Companion are allowed. Genasi are a planar race, unless they are from the Forgotten Realms.

Githyanki are NOT an approved race.

Githzerai (ToF) are an approved planar race.

All types, including svirfneblin. Please note that Svifneblin are a prime race, even though other gnomes can be prime or planar.

This race is mostly a prime race; if you choose to be planar, you must be from Acheron.

Goliaths are a prime race.

This race is mostly a prime race; if you choose to be planar, you must be from Acheron.

Kenku are a prime race.

This race is a prime race.

Lizardfolk can be from the prime plane or from the Outlands (see Semuanya’s Bog).


  • All PHB subraces are allowed.
  • Ghostwise Halflings from SCAG are allowed

Half-Elf variants from SCAG are allowed.

There are no Half-Orc variants at this time; however, if they are ever introduced, they will be considered. This may allow a player to tweak his race.

The Rogue Modron can be found here. Modron are a planar race.

This race is a prime race.

The Shadar-Kai can be found here. Shadar-Kai are a planar race from the demiplane of Shadow. Prime Shadar-Kai are from the Forgotten Realms.

This is a prime race.


  • The Tiefling variants from SCAG are allowed with the exception of the winged tiefling.
  • Additional Tiefling variants can be found here.
  • Tiefling options from ToF are allowed.
  • Tieflings are a planar race, unless they are from the Forgotten Realms.

This race can be prime or planar. If planar, you must be from a plane that touches Oceanus or from the plane of Water.

Yuan-Ti Pureblood
This race can be found here. This represents a Planar version of Yuan-Ti.
You may use the options from VGM instead of the version linked above. The VGM version of Yuan-Ti are a prime race from the Forgotten Realms.


All paths from the PHB are allowed. The same is true for paths from SCAG. The Death Domain from the DMG is allowed, but the Oathbreaker Paladin path is not.

I have also added 4 new domains which can be found here.

Some additional Paths may be found at the links below:
Planar Explorer
Sacred Fist

If you are playing an arcane caster (including bards), be sure to read about spell keys here.

Additionally, Clerics, Rangers, and Wizards have access to the Portal Beacon spell.

Finally, be sure to read the Factions page for the Factioneer Prestige Class.


All backgrounds from PHB & SCAG are allowed. The Haunted One background is also allowed (use the updated version from Wizards website as opposed to the one in Curse of Strahd).

Additionally, the following background is allowed:

Faction Tout
You spent at least part of your youth as a tout on the streets of Sigil where you eventually came to the notice of your Faction. They took you in, lanned you a dark or two, and gave you a kip to rest your brain box. And after all that time, you are more than just a mere Namer.
Skill Proficiencies: History, Persuasion
Tool Proficiencies: Standard Language (choice), Exotic Language (choice)
You know those places near your factions HQ and home plane well, so much so that you can travel twice as fast (out of combat) when near those locations. Additionally, your faction and your factions allies are more likely to give you help (for less jink than might be common). You can more easily find people to help you, hide you, feed you, treat you like a decent cutter, or even help you locate a portal.

Finally, players may create custom backgrounds and submit them for approval. If you choose to do this, please create a wiki page and link it to this page. (For help creating a page, click the help page.)


Every PC should have an Origin. The two choices are Prime & Planar. Your race and origin must match. Some races can have either origin, obviously. However, others are only Planar. If you choose a Planar race, your origin cannot be Prime.

If you choose Prime, choose a world your PC is from (Forgotten Realms, Eberron, Athas, Krynn, Greyhawk, etc.).

If you choose Planar, choose a home Plane. This plane must be one of the Outer Planes, unless you are Genasi, and the chosen plane must match your racial selection. In other words, you cannot be a Githzerai from Mechanus. Please note: The Outlands & Sigil are appropriate choices for all races (except Modrons).

If you choose anything from the Eberron material, your PC must be from Eberron.

In order to separate Arcana & History from Planar knowledge, there is a new skill: Planar Cosmology (Intelligence). Any PC with an Origin or Background that would justify having access to this skill has access to it.

All Planar PCs have access to Factions. Prime PCs have access to factions if their backstory indicates they have spent more than a year in the Planes. In order to prevent too much discord, I have limited Faction choices to the following:
1. The Athar
2. The Believers of the Source
3. The Fated
4. The Fraternity of Order
5. The Free League
6. The Mercykillers
7. The Sign of One
8. The Society of Sensation
9. The Transcendent Order

It should be noted that faction members gain benefits from their standing within their faction. Many of these benefits will be role-play and story, but there may be mechanical benefits as well. Finally, if you are wondering why there are benefits for factions, refer to the page on Belief and always remember: Belief has Power.

Finally, all PCs are assumed to speak the Trade tongue (which is basically Planar Common).


I have three basic rules for alignment:

  1. Neutral Evil & Chaotic Evil alignments are not allowed. Lawful Evil will be tolerated but see the points below.
  2. Actions have consequences. Neutral & chaotic alignments do not mean you can act without consequence. Break laws, and lawmen may pursue you. If you kill the pursuing lawmen, expect the next group to come after you to be tougher, and do not expect them to want to take you alive if you resist. As I said, actions have consequences.
  3. Alignment in the Outer Planes is a funny thing. All the outer plans have an alignment, but that alignment has a tendency tied to it. (For example, Ysgard can be considered CNG which is CN tending towards CG or CGN which is CG tending towards CN.) PCs are allowed & encouraged to do the same. Alignments tending towards NE & CE are also not allowed.
  4. The most important rule of Alignment: don’t use it as an excuse to be a dick. The GM reserves the right to hold court, with the players as jury, for anyone acting like a dick. Dicks will be hung, drawn, and quartered. You have been warned.

Additionally, while religions are not tied to alignment, the worship or evil deities is not allowed in this campaign.

Starting Equipment

You may purchase any item from the PHB. You can choose packages or take full GP at start (mathematically, most PCs are better off taking max wealth and purchasing stuff). You can roll on the trinket table if you wish.


PCs are encouraged to pick a deity. After all, religion can always be tied to Belief. The list of deities is too extensive to list. I expect most PCs will likely find deities from any of the published settings, but you can also look at the 3.5 Deities & Demigods book or even the 2e book On Hallowed Ground. I am even OK with Pathfinder deities so long as you can provide me sufficient material to understand the power.

Character Creation

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