The Harmonium

Peace is our goal. But if it takes a little war to get others to see things the right way – the Harmonium way – so be it. That’s how we’ll reach our golden harmony.

The Harmonium believe in enduring peace, even if sometimes violent means are required to achieve their ends, and see unresolved conflicts as the greatest threat to the planes. They point to the Blood War as the antithesis of their beliefs. Despite their love of peace, the Harmonium is organized as a semi-military faction. Peacemakers include itinerant negotiators, military commanders who’ve seen too much bloodshed, clerics and paladins of St. Cuthbert, and pacifist monks.

Nicknames: Peacemakers (what they use), Hardheads
Factol: Sarin
Sigil HQ: City Barracks
Home Field: Arcadia
Allies: Fraternity of Order, Mercykillers
Enemies: Free League, Revolutionary League, and Xaositects
Eligibility: Must be lawful


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