Free League

The Free League

This ain’t no faction, and nobody tells us what to do. Keep your options – nobody’s got the keys to the truth.

“Live free or die” is the Free League’s motto, and its members uphold personal freedom and political independence as the greatest of virtues. Though neutral in most conflicts, Indeps vehemently oppose tyrants, slavery, and any who would deprive a being of their free will. The Free League includes bards, bariaur, wanderers, planar merchants, smugglers aiding escaping slaves, nationalists struggling for recognition of their land’s independence and many more.

Nicknames: Indeps
Factol: none
Sigil HQ: Great Bazaar
Home Field: numerous towns & villages in the Outlands
Allies: -
Enemies: Harmonium
Eligibility: No restrictions.

Free League

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