The Dustmen

We’re all dead – some more so than others. So, we explore our current state with patience, purge our passion, and ascend toward the purity of True Death.

The Dustmen believe this “life” is actually just one stage of death, that we’re all leading afterlives and the only difference is how aware of this truth we become. Purging themselves of emotion, Dustmen hope to attain the True Death and move to whatever lies beyond the planes (or perhaps oblivion). Those attracted to the faction include death priests, necromancers, those who’ve led lives of great suffering, those with undead loved ones, and mystics seeking mastery of their emotions.

Nicknames: The Dead, Dusters, Dusties (only use this if you want to start a fight)
Factol: Skall
Sigil HQ: The Mortuary
Home Field: Negative Energy
Allies: Bleak Cabal, Doomguard, Fated (sometimes)
Enemies: Sign of One, Sensates
Eligibility: Clerics with the Life or Light domain cannot join.


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