The Doomguard

Entropy is ecstasy. Decay is divine. The multiverse is supposed to fall apart. We’re just here to keep fools from interfering.

Entropy is the natural state of the multiverse and the more we get out of its way the better, according to the Doomguard. While a healing spell might irk a Sinker, they are far more concerned by threats to the natural entropy of the planes such as immortal mages, powerful undead, modron armies, and regimes clinging to power after their time has passed. Members of the Doomguard include saboteurs, undead hunters, warriors who’ve seen too much, and those exposed to the Negative Energy Plane.

Nicknames: Sinkers
Factol: Pentar
Sigil HQ: The Armory
Home Field: the 4 negative Quasi-Elemental Planes
Allies: The Bleak Cabal, the Dustmen
Enemies: Fraternity of Order, the Harmonium
Eligibility: You cannot have features which interfere with entropy, specifically: you cannot provide healing of any kind (with the exception of self-healing features like Second Wind).


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